The Plight of BC Salmon or How I Realized my Apathy Wasn’t Helping

I think I am cursed when it comes to blogging. I was almost done a new post on that infamous “parts” abstinence commercial in the US when my computer went FOOM. So until I sort out my back-ups from the disaster, that post is on hiatus (as well as a few others). Instead, I’d like to talk about fish.
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A Summer of Fear and Trepidation (Repost)

August 29, 2009

Tonight I am supposed to sit down with a fellow group of young feminists and hash out a direction for a new feminist advocacy group. We are supposed to come bearing suggestions and one of my main ones is that we should start a blog or perhaps a zine. My personal experience this summer has really let me see the power of blogging communities and how they can reach out and effect people all over the world. It is an extremely powerful, yet cheap tool to communicate, connect as well as educate. In fact, blogging and the internet in general could very possibly be one of the primary tools of progressive change in our techno-driven society. We just need to be loud enough!

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Hello world!

Welcome to my reboot of my political/social analytical blog! After a few false starts on other platforms, a broken computer and some good old-fashioned writing fear, it’s time to try this blogging thing again and actually make it work! And to begin, I’ll post my old introduction talking about why I wanted to write and just why I think journals like this are an important part of activism in the modern world.

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