Hello there big wide world of the internet!

My name is Maggie Gordon and I am a young Canadian woman whose prime interests lie in social justice issues. I started along this path of discovery because of my personal experiences of classism and my introduction to feminism in university. I stayed because I realised that many parts of the world needed to change, yet if I ever wanted things to change for me, I needed to help things change for everyone. So that is the theme of this blog: change. Much of my journey was influenced by a single person and I have seen people online completely rewrite their interpretations of the world because someone took the time to talk about a just, equitable society in a public space. This is my attempt at adding to that global conversation.

The topics that I will cover at this blog will be many. I contemplated trying to focus on just one or two issues, however, I realised that my identity couldn’t simply be summed as feminist, queer, PWMD or any other one label. I wanted to make this blog personal, which meant opening up what I could talk about.

I blog under an alias because as a young professional who needs to work in order to pay for school, food, rent and other helpful things, I have to be careful about what is connected to my real name. That being said, if you happen to be a person who does know me in real life, please avoid using my real name or any other identifying features in the comments and such. I am not that hidden online, but I’d like to give myself some protection.

If you’d like to converse with my outside of this blog, please feel free to contact me at

Also, a big thank you to Persekore for my avatar.

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