Quick Hit: The Need to Grow, Grow, Grow… Then What?

One of the very common and very annoying arguments against gay marriage/parenting or voluntary non-parenthood is that, without children, our society will be doomed. (Western) culture will crumble and our society will fall into disaster, just as the Romans once did. While I agree with the idea that children are a necessary part of the propagation of the human species (hard to get past biological fact and all), I question the idea that without constant growth, we will all perish.

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The Plight of BC Salmon or How I Realized my Apathy Wasn’t Helping

I think I am cursed when it comes to blogging. I was almost done a new post on that infamous “parts” abstinence commercial in the US when my computer went FOOM. So until I sort out my back-ups from the disaster, that post is on hiatus (as well as a few others). Instead, I’d like to talk about fish.
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