My Body, My Needs and Societal Responsibilities: Responding to Fat Acceptance and HAES Critiques

Woah, holy sudden offline disappearance, Batman! If you watch my Twitter, you know that I recently started law school and I have found myself bereft of time and energy as I get used to being in university again as a total novice in my new field. I have started several posts in the past couple weeks, but I haven’t been able to pull my thoughts together enough to finish any of them. Now that things are starting to settle, I want to return to blogging, so I apologise for any post that seems like it is a couple weeks past its freshest relevance. However, I still think I have a few important points to make!

To start, I’d like to address the recent(ish) and continuing brouhaha over fat acceptance in the feminist blogosphere (see this Feministe post and the mountain of responses it has received both on the blog and off, or anything written by Tasha Fierce on Bitch lately).  Admittedly, feminism has not entirely accepted fat liberation ideals. This isn’t particularly shocking as feminism has not accepted a lot of ideas in the areas of race, sexuality, disability, gender and even feminism itself. This is the joy of having a large, supposedly all-encompassing group of people who are allegedly fighting for the same thing; the definition of the same thing changes depending on who one is talking to.

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Let them Eat (big agriculture supermarket) Carrots!: Classism and Food Politics in Canada

Today’s daily bout of fail comes from The Globe and Mail, one of Canada’s major daily newspapers. Margaret Wente is one of their top columnists and she almost never fails to make me exceptionally angry. If you’re a Canadian into progressive politics, you will almost undoubtedly have heard of her. She’s the one who said that women don’t blog (politics), that Canadian Aboriginals were “savages” before the white man came, that global warming and climate change are unproven claims, and a entire host of other similar, rather infuriating claims. Her Wednesday morning column was not particularly different from all of these others. It was based on inaccurate information, exaggerated claims and classism. Pure, simple, ragingly cruel classism. To illustrate this painful example of privilege, all one needs to do is read Wente’s very first line. It asks whether or not poor people should be allowed to eat the same food as rich people.

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The Plight of BC Salmon or How I Realized my Apathy Wasn’t Helping

I think I am cursed when it comes to blogging. I was almost done a new post on that infamous “parts” abstinence commercial in the US when my computer went FOOM. So until I sort out my back-ups from the disaster, that post is on hiatus (as well as a few others). Instead, I’d like to talk about fish.
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