Suggested Reading

I save a lot of blog posts and articles that I find online, but it seems like such a waste simply to throw them up on Twitter where they will get lost in the daily tweet-waves. Instead, I’ve decided to post some links to things I’ve been reading on my blog. As a caveat, while I am posting all of these links because I think they are interesting, thought-provoking and valuable to social justice discourse, it does not mean that I necessarily agree with all of the perspectives here, or that there is a unifying theme to what I post on this page. In fact, some of them make me uncomfortable and challenge some of my own perspectives on social justice in society. However, they are all fantastically well-written pieces that I think should be read and thought about. Also, go visit the blogs of these authors and read the rest of their work!

  1. America’s Stay-at-Home Feminists:
  2. The Good Wife:
  3. Asking is Sexy:
  4. Sex to Save the Family:
  5. Senior Citizens and BDSM:
  6. On Fat Phobia, Thin Privilege and “Eat a Sandwich”:
  7. Missing: The Right Babies:
  8. Anti-Capitalism in Five Minutes:
  9. The Myth of My Money:
  10. Because She’s “Up for it”:
  11. No Chosen People:
  12. The Problem with Women:
  13. Random Acts of Sexual Citizenship:,0
  14. Injustice in Housing is a Reproductive Rights Issue:
  15. Parents of Kink:
  16. Fat Phobic Bingo!:
  17. Sex Games VS Sex Slavery: Who Can Tell?:
  18. Freedom of (hate) speech:
  19. “Worthless” Foods:
  20. Are mass media creating a culture of rape?:–are-mass-media-creating-a-culture-of-rape
  21. Feminism Objectifies Women:
  22. This Week in Evaluating Research:
  23. Becoming a Critical Reader: Questions to ask about Qualitative Research:
  24. Legal Aid: A System in Peril:
  25. Reverse Racism Apparently Still needs an Explanation:
  26. The Fantasy of Being Thin:
  27. Myth of Peak Masculinity:
  28. Where do anti-abortion protesters get those grisly photos?:
  29. What is Ableism? Five Things about Ableism You Should Know:
  30. Liberal, sex-positive education: What’s missing:
  31. Why did she wait so long?: Later Abortions and the Implications of the New Nebraska Ban:
  32. Queer Suicides: Complicate the Issue:
  33. No place for a woman:
  34. Polanski, “Hounddog”, and 13-year-old voices:
  35. If parents can stop it, why don’t they?:
  36. Truthout about Kyriarchy: An Open Letter to “Feminist” Writers, Bloggers and Journalists:
  37. Liberal Spaces and Christianity:
  38. But Don’t You Realise that Fat is Unhealthy?:
  39. Why Public Transportation is Good for Kids:
  40. Does the media really care where the atheist women are?:
  41. No one cares about child soldiers if they’re in Guantanamo:
  42. Thoughts on meritocracy, aspiration and privilege:
  43. Some Thoughts on Weddings and Abled Privileges:
  44. The People’s court: Universal Legal Care:
  45. A Young Abortion Doctor’s Dilemma:–a-young-abortion-doctor-s-dilemma?bn=1
  46. Tracy Latimer is Dead because her Father is a Murderer:
  47. Helping Battered Women is Justice, not Discrimination:
  48. for anarcha:
  49. Legal Education as Training for Hierarchy:
  50. Letter to a Law Student Interested in Social Justice:

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