Taking Up Space: The Battle with My Body

When I was little, I was so proud of the fact that I was one of the biggest kids in my class. I was tall and strong! I could run fast and lift heavy things. I could keep up with and out do all the little boys at anything we choose to do at recess. I wanted, more than anything, to be the biggest, tallest person at my school. I took up space and loved being alive.

TRIGGER WARNING for disordered eating/eating disorders underneath the cut.
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Finding Pants and “Normal” Bodies

On the weekend I went shopping for some new work clothes. The goal of this trip was to find pants. I loathe finding pants. My hips and waist don’t conform to the fashion industry’s ideal of what women should be shaped like so finding business clothing that actually fits is next to impossible. That is until these new “comfort” fit pants appeared on the market during the past couple years. Some very brilliant designer decided to create stylish pants and skirts that were stretchy and did not feature button arrangements that resembled torture devices.

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