Gender and the Supreme Court of Canada: Why Justice Nadon’s Appointment is a Blow to Gender Equality in Canada

Today, Prime Minister Stephen Harper appointed Justice Marc Nadon to the Supreme Court of Canada, and it is a sad day for gender equality. Some may argue that Justice Nadon was simply the most qualified applicant for the job, but the discussion about today’s appointment is not that simple. Canada’s top judges are all extremely intelligent and accomplished people. It is difficult to rank them according to a hierarchy of talent. Justice Nadon was a Quebec appointee, and there are currently two very knowledgeable and practiced women judges from this province that were expected to receive this appointment (one of them being Justice Marie-France Bich). And yet, somehow the very privileged white man is deemed the top candidate by another very privileged white man. This isn’t an issue of picking the absolute best candidate, but of gender inequality.


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Gestational Limits on Abortion in Canada: Disproving Anti-Choice Rhetoric

One of my least favourite anti-choice tactics is the claim that a newly born baby is only one day safe from being murdered by abortion. You see this idea pop up on bill boards and pamphlets all the time, particularly in Canada as we have no federal law regulating abortion. However, all this claim really shows is how misinformed and cruel the anti-choice side can be.

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Let them Eat (big agriculture supermarket) Carrots!: Classism and Food Politics in Canada

Today’s daily bout of fail comes from The Globe and Mail, one of Canada’s major daily newspapers. Margaret Wente is one of their top columnists and she almost never fails to make me exceptionally angry. If you’re a Canadian into progressive politics, you will almost undoubtedly have heard of her. She’s the one who said that women don’t blog (politics), that Canadian Aboriginals were “savages” before the white man came, that global warming and climate change are unproven claims, and a entire host of other similar, rather infuriating claims. Her Wednesday morning column was not particularly different from all of these others. It was based on inaccurate information, exaggerated claims and classism. Pure, simple, ragingly cruel classism. To illustrate this painful example of privilege, all one needs to do is read Wente’s very first line. It asks whether or not poor people should be allowed to eat the same food as rich people.

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Quick Hits: Mother’s Day Musings, Toronto Pride Defunding and The Girl Effect

I. Changes and Goals

I am a content consumer. Possibly to the excess. Being a producer is rather hard for me, but it’s been a consistent goal of mine over the past while to alter this behaviour. I tend to write long, critical essays, but I think I need to start mixing it up if I ever hope to update more than every several months. Consequently, this post starts a series of “Quick Hits” which will feature news articles and short musings on whatever I happen to think needs attention in a given week. Hopefully this new format will help me achieve my goal of weekly updates.

See below the cut for information and thoughts on Mother’s Day for non-traditional families, the recent defunding of Toronto Pride by the Conservative government, and a link to The Girl Effect, an amazing organisation dedicated to changing the world!

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Ontario and the War over Comprehensive Sex Education

Sexual education is one of my personal crusades. The debates over American abstinence-only education during the Bush era drew me in and reflections on my own lack of sex ed opened my eyes to see how disastrously and ineptly handled the topic is in Canada. My ideals surrounding sexual education are tied up with my beliefs concerning issues such as feminism, human rights and diverse sexualities. Hence why when Ontario announced that it had revamped its sexual education curriculum for public schools and the changes were good, I wanted to weep for joy! A Canadian government doing something progressive and concrete? Such incidents have been in a sorry lack of supply in my country lately.

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