Let them Eat (big agriculture supermarket) Carrots!: Classism and Food Politics in Canada

Today’s daily bout of fail comes from The Globe and Mail, one of Canada’s major daily newspapers. Margaret Wente is one of their top columnists and she almost never fails to make me exceptionally angry. If you’re a Canadian into progressive politics, you will almost undoubtedly have heard of her. She’s the one who said that women don’t blog (politics), that Canadian Aboriginals were “savages” before the white man came, that global warming and climate change are unproven claims, and a entire host of other similar, rather infuriating claims. Her Wednesday morning column was not particularly different from all of these others. It was based on inaccurate information, exaggerated claims and classism. Pure, simple, ragingly cruel classism. To illustrate this painful example of privilege, all one needs to do is read Wente’s very first line. It asks whether or not poor people should be allowed to eat the same food as rich people.

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