Maggie Enters the World of Twitter

As can be seen above and on the sidebar of this blog, I have officially entered the world of Twitter. I’ve had a neglected personal account for a while, but I can’t say I really understood the purpose of microblogging or the possibilities behind such a tool until recently. Like many, I labelled Twitter as some silly modern tech widget that would die out quickly. As can be seen, however, the microblogging service reported a record of 4 billion tweets during the first quarter of 2010. Who knew such a simple service would take off so well?

It was through renewed attention to my personal Twitter account – thanks to the security issues facing Facebook currently – that I realised just how useful Twitter could be for social justice writers and activists online. I followed a bunch of bloggers and agencies on my Twitter account and I was suddenly bombarded with links to interesting articles, events and volunteer opportunities. I learned about things that I could have easily missed on a normal blog simply because Twitter allows you a quick overview of what’s going on with your followers without scrolling past long posts or checking secondary pages. Furthermore, as a blogger, you see so many interesting and important articles and pieces of news that you want to share with your readers, but it’s impossible to write about everything you see. Twitter offers writers a chance simply to share what others have said. Twitter can also be used as a call to action, where people can share knowledge of upcoming events or requests for help. In short, Twitter is a hell of a lot more useful than I ever initially expected.

I added a Twitter to this blog because I tend to be a slow writer, but I am a very rapid consumer of media online. I read far more than I know I will ever write about, so I want to share what I find with others. Plus it’s a lot easier to deal with a Twitter feed than Facebook where you need to wade through all those Farmville updates… In any case, expect to see this Twitter feed updated several times a week and further social justice accounts followed. Feel free to suggest interesting people in the comments!